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About us

We run a clean concept

Qadee clothing keeps your kids clean

With our water & dirt repellent technology, liquids will simply roll off your kid’s clothes. You no longer need to worry about spilled milk or juice just before school!

We keep your wardrobe clean

When your child outgrows pieces of Qadee Clothing, simply send those pieces back to us and get a €5 voucher/item. We donate the old clothes to charity & you have more room in your wardrobe for new Qadee outfits!

We keep your conscience clean

Our clothes are produced in Portugal. Rest assured that our clothes are made for children and not by children! In addition, we use bio-cotton and recycled PES to manufacture our clothes, because we care for our planet.

“A premium product at a reasonable price.”

Qadee’s lean production = no middleman, no margins



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